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The "Automatic Agency" Online Business Model
After viewing the video below, you will know:
1. How we operate our 3-step Online Ad Agency
2. How we produce results, to GET and KEEP agency clients
3. How we automate nearly EVERY aspect of our business
4. And how YOU can get started & create your own ad agency TODAY
...even during the Coronavirus!
Students using The Automatic Agency Business Model to secure clients & get paid every month
Students with multiple $5k/mo+ clients!
Members landing clients daily
(Below: Adam landing a client 15 days into our program)
Racheal secured her first $1,500/mo. client within two weeks of being in the program!

$25k/mo Student... aiming for $100k
Josiah learned new skills to help him blow past the $10k per month glass ceiling...
 Members using our client-getting strategies to land appointments with business owners and close deals!
6 appointments in the first 2 days... Two clients landed in an hour...
Nick landed two clients in one hour!
FIRST WEEK in our group... Two clients confirmed, 8 proposals sent & other 10 appointments booked
24 hours after signing up and using the "Email Sniper" strategy in the AA program... 3 appointments set with potential clients!
3 days in students are working on closing 10 potential clients!
Josiah landed his first client THREE days in and shares in the private group...
Student setting multiple appointments with clients 3 days in!
Student landed first client within first 2 days in the program
Brenda earning an additional 22K after applying her new skills
First client landed in one week!
$39,000/mo in potential deals after leveraging one of our client-getting systems
 Students giving feedback about our Private Group & Online Community. Our students have DAILY Access to myself (Blake) and also get to learn from other successful agency owners.
Questions get answered in our group!
Students who need guidance getting paying clients or producing results are able to get help when needed
"Literally hand walks you through everything start to finish"
 Students generating AMAZING results for clients
Results for a student's new client
"When the client WANTS to pay you more"
Generating leads and making clients happy...

Luke is generating great leads for his own business!

Results: Low-cost leads that convert into real customers for clients!
 More students setting appointments using AUTOMATED systems & getting clients
Getting interested client appointments within hours
Automated systems to get clients on Day One
1 hour of work = 4 phone appointments set with interested business owners
Most Common Questions and Inquiries:
1. Who is the guy in the Video?
My name is Blake Snodgrass. I'm a former ministry-worker-turned-online-advertiser! I run my own "Automatic Agency" and help other entrepreneurs do so as well.
2. I understand the concept & the business model for the most part (I think)... but is it really that simple?
Yep, pretty much. I've fine-tuned my business to be as streamlined and simple as possible, and I show others how to do the same. I run ads, I generate leads, and I have clients that pay me monthly. Yes, it's literally that simple. I have clients that pay me $5k/mo+ and I only hear from them once every month or so. I keep everything simple and automated.
3. Ok, so why is this program different than others?
Unlike other programs, this is not a THEORY training... This is a click-by-click, over-the-shoulder video training program that will hand-walk you through building ad campaigns, generating customers for clients, and GETTING paying clients. No prior experience necessary. Like I mentioned in the video above, this is a "business in a box" approach, and I walk you through every step.
4. Can I try it out and get a refund if it doesn't work for me?
Nope! For a couple very good reasons. For one, this is a digital information product. Once you've seen the training and the entire program, you can't simply "unsee it" or "give back" the information. And second, your success with this business model is 100% predicated on your work ethic. YES, the goal is to automate your business and be as "lazy" as possible ;) ...but it takes some hard work up front with landing clients and learning new systems. We cannot and do not give refunds for these reasons.
5. Okay I'm in!!! ...but why are you sharing this business model with everyone? What about competition?
You'll quickly learn that "market saturation" is something you don't have to worry about. Online advertisers spent $209 BILLION in 2017. All you need is a tiny lil' piece of that pie to be set. And I'm here to help you grow your business, while offering consulting/training as a service. A win-win situation, which is exactly what you'll want to do for your clients as well! 
6. I know NOTHING about marketing. I'm overwhelmed.
Hey, neither did I when I was first starting out. The good news is, I can be your "shortcut" in this business. I've failed & done the whole "trial and error" thing so you don't have to. That's what you're here for. A proven model. And EVERYTHING I teach is laid out in super simple terms and click-by-click videos that are easy to follow.
7. My bank account's a little slim, I work full time... can this still work for me?
Good news... starting an online business doesn't take much money. A couple online tools and you're good to go. And time? I started my own business while working a full time job... think you can spare a few hours per week? Then this'll work for you.
8. If I book a call... is someone going to try to sell me?
Probably... Most likely... But not definitely. Let me explain. This business isn't for everyone. And we try to be sensitive to that. The strategy call you can book on this page has one objective: to see if this is a good fit for you and the lifestyle you want. If you want to know HOW this works and HOW to succeed in running your own automated business... we got it all in one place for you. After the call, if you don't want to move forward, no worries... Just remember, where you are today, without action, is where you will be tomorrow. We're here to get you moving in the direction of your goals.
Case Study: Josiah DOUBLES his agency revenue from $7k/mo to $14k/mo in FOUR months!
Case Study: Nick hitting $5k/mo within 3 months & on track to scale to $10k/mo
Sarah & Ryan consistently doing $15K-$20K per month and traveling while growing the biz :)
Case Study: Adam lands a $3,000 per month client TWO Weeks into the Automatic Agency program!

Still with me?

If you’re still scrollin’ all the way down here at the bottom of this page,

(they see me scrollinnnnnn, they hatinnnnn’),

and still haven't booked a call with my team yet,

that prolly means…

You’ve watched my webinar,

you’ve learned about the biz model I teach & train others on,

you’ve seen ample screenshots of student success & feedback,

(we have over 800 students in our program as of this writing),

you’ve seen a couple videos,

maybe read some reviews,

scoped out the FAQ section,

and maybe even looked me up on Facebook or Instagram (let’s connect!)…

And now here we are…

at the bottom of this page,

still together.

(Ya know, I’m really starting to like you…)

But in all seriousness… you must still be here for some reason.

And, if I had to guess, it’s because you’re still on the fence.

Should you book a call and dive into this business head first?


Should you do more research?

read the testimonials on this page again?

read through the FAQ’s?

read all of the helpful emails I’m going to send you over the next few days?

or maybe just think it over & let it "marinate" a bit...?

Decisions, decisions…

Well I have good news for you.

We’re here to HELP you make that decision.

After all, if you've consumed everything I've shown you on this page,

and you're still on the fence & "wanting more"...

then you're really just putting more time between now...

and the moment when you decide to really go after your goals)


Like, I said, we wanna help.

In case you haven’t noticed... there are links & buttons ALL over this page,

that lead to a page where you can book a call with our team.

And the purpose of that phone call?

To see if this is ACTUALLY right for you.

That’s right… we CARE about whether or not this is a good fit for you.

I like to think of it in three questions…

1. Where are you now?

2. Where do you want to be?

3. And are we the “bridge” to help you get there?

That’s what the phone call is all about.

That’s what we want to talk through with you.

So take a few more minutes,

read some case studies again,

read through the FAQ’s,

skim back through the webinar if need be…

but then take action, and book a call with us so we can get a 2nd brain on the issue.

Sometimes it helps to talk things through with someone.

Aight, imma head out.

(click or tap here to book your free 1-on-1 strategy session)

& my team will reach out to you soon.

Sound good?


Blake Snodgrass
Automatic Agency, Founder
Art was able to quit his job when he wanted, giving him freedom of time, and financial freedom
De'Leon is now selling his expertise, not his time!
DISCLAIMER: All the success stories, my success and any success you see on my pages are the TRUTH. Nothing is being hidden nor blown out of proportion. However, this DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL MAKE ANYTHING using this process. The reason is that the people in these testimonies are relentless when it comes to obtaining success, meaning we work very hard to achieve these financial successes. So since I don't know you or your work ethic, it is impossible to offer any guarantee. There may even be a possibility you will lose money. It is like the gym, if you don't show up, you lose your gym membership money. The same goes here. 
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